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Dec 1, 2012 5:30pm PST
in kansas city, missouri, and across much of the football world after a horrible tragedy that has left an nfl star player and his girlfriend dead in an apparent murder-suicide. police say kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher shot the 22-year-old woman before he headed to the stadium he was expected to play in tomorrow afternoon. it was there he turned the gun on himself. thanh truong joins us from arrowhead stadium in kansas city. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. arrowhead stadium is a symbol of pride for this city and the kansas city chiefs but there is a lot of sorrow here right now after a deadly day ended not far from where i'm standing. shortly before 8:00 this morning, gunfire erupted at this kansas city suburban home. >> when we arrived, a lady came out and said her daughter had been shot by her boyfriend several times inside the residence. we went in the residence. she was taken to the local hospital where she died a short time later. >> reporter: just ten minutes later at arrowhead stadium a man with a gun. >> we got a call at the arrowhead stadium to the
Dec 1, 2012 5:00am PST
spent his fall pushing a sport these youngsters hardly know. he started inner city lacrosse for kids just like coby spence. >> i couldn't believe my ears when my mom told me you want to join lacrosse? i was like what? >> a lot of people can't afford to participate in extracurricular activities. sometimes you find yourself in that predicament. >> lacrosse, a lot of people think of it as an elite sport. >> it is. but let's change that. >> reporter: growing up in the shadows of an ivy league tower like yale university fueled a burning desire to overcome. >> i grew up in the section where they told the yale students not to go. >> reporter: single mom, youngest of six who jumped at the chance to get ahead. >> when i walked on yale's campus as a little boy going for enrichment classes, i felt so important. i felt smart. and so i want to introduce that element. >> reporter: so he convinced equipment makers to give him free gear and persuaded coaches from yale and his alma mater, trinity college in hartford, to share their love of the game and academics with kids like him in need of an oppor
Dec 30, 2012 10:30am PST
the closest thing to home base i've known in the city, so it's awesome. >> you recently challenged yourself to write seven songs in seven days. >> yeah. >> tell us about that process. >> a friend of mine, jessie payo, who you all just actually had in here, we were talking about songwriting and just developing a practice, you know? and jessie threw out the idea, "have you ever done seven songs in seven days?" at first, i was like, "that just sounds like a lot of pressure to put on me," you know, 'cause in the past i've been too much of a perfectionist, you know, which can really put up way too many blockades. so, i moved them out of the way, and when i was back in austin for south by, i did seven in seven days. out of the seven -- you know, you do seven songs in seven days, half of them are like, "okay, there's something here," you know? three of them, they'll probably get composted and something new will grow out of it. >> the other ones, keep in your pocket. you never know how they'll kind of evolve. >> you never know, man, how it's gonna pop up, so... >> also, i know one of the things tha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3